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Hi, I'm Harper

I have always been obsessed with photography AND weddings, so it's no surprise that I ended up here! I've been in business since late 2014, and since then I've shot over 100 weddings and couldn't be more thankful.

I say so often that this is the perfect job for me: I get to take beautiful photos of beautiful people on one of their happiest days, and be the one to document and make every moment of that day last forever.  I love being surrounded by celebration and the tense but overwhelmingly joyful atmosphere that weddings have. It's kind of addicting! Wedding photography is an extremely fast-paced job, and the challenge of needing to think quickly and stay on my toes is a real thrill, I absolutely love that about it.


I really love flowers, pretty details, and one of my favorite things is getting to see all of my brides in their dress for the first time (it's like living in a fashion show...so much fun!).

I'm a 27 year old Austin native, now living in New Braunfels, TX with my husband, two kiddos, and a dog that likes to eat toilet paper. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with me!



My Style

My photography is bright and vibrant because it feels the happiest to me, and weddings are happy! I love tones that mimic film, and I love my photos to have a good pop to them. Natural light is my preferred style, and I enjoy working with ambient lighting when the light is low. 

The majority of my work has a candid feel to it, and this is because I love using movement in my posing, and I love to goof around with my clients to get them to laugh! I genuinely enjoy the feeling of hanging out with friends when I'm shooting, and photoshoots are smooth and easy when we're all just chatting and having fun. I do give a lot of direction, but a lot of it is setting up a pose and then directing ways to move, things to say and do, and being ready to catch every laugh. The best photos, to me, are the ones that catch that real moment of natural joy, so I keep everyone moving so there's no time to get stiff or awkward! 


I specialize in wedding photography in the Austin - San Antonio areas, but am available for travel anywhere within a reasonable driving distance (ask me about travel fees for weddings and photoshoots outside of this area).

All of my wedding packages include an engagement session, and two of them include an optional separate bridal session (a southern tradition). 

With limited availability, depending on the season, I also offer sessions for families, kids, senior portraits, etc. and atleast once a year I hold a day of mini sessions!

New Braunfels Texas Wedding Photographer


512-831-1900 | New Braunfels, Texas | harperblankenship@yahoo.com | @harperblankenship.photo