Harper Blankenship


Aside from photography, I love spending most of my time with my family, binge watching Hulu/Netflix shows, learning new songs on my ukulele, and drinking rum while playing marathon games of late-night ping pong in our garage. I'm what I think some people might call an "extroverted introvert" because I tend to avoid people at all costs (self checkout was made for me) but when I actually get into a social situation I find myself enthusiastically soaking up every minute of it. I believe in kindness, compassion and grace above all else and try to remember to see the best in everyone that I meet. I think I'm good at being the ice-breaker, helping people feel comfortable while we're working together, and I love making people laugh!

I am based just between Austin and San Antonio in the river town of New Braunfels, where I live in a cute duplex with my husband, who's my best friend in the whole world, and our kids; an energetic and super creative 7 year old daughter named Teagan, and a sensitive and sweet 3 year old boy named Jacob. We also have a dog named Holly, who's made of pure love and snuggles.


I've been in business since 2014 (originally under the name Harper Jones Photography) and I've since photographed over 100 wedding days and well over 200 photoshoots around Texas! 


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