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My Approach


I want my couples to look and feel comfortable in front of the camera, which is why I focus a lot of attention on getting to know each other while we work together. I'll talk with you, give you things to do to get those controlled "candid" moments that I love so much, and keep things light and fun so your smiles are genuine and not forced or unnatural. I love distracting you from the fact that you're having your picture taken, getting you to laugh, and snapping it before you even notice. One of the things I hear the most as I'm wrapping up a session is "that was a lot easier than I expected!" For those of you who are worried that you won't know how to pose for portraits.. don't worry! Instead of just telling you to "do something cute," I'll be directing you on everything, making sure you have something to do with your hands, that your posture is good, and that you're getting your most flattering angles without looking awkward. It will be completely effortless on your part!

When I'm working, I'm not only shooting portraits, but also getting in close and capturing every small detail that I can find. Little things like the subtle details of the lace on a bride's sleeves, the way a piece of her hair lays effortlessly against the back of her neck, or how her veil gathered imperfectly on the ground behind her. I'll lay out small details (like jewelry, vows books, and your "something old") for close-up shots; styled elegantly to help pull together your theme and help them stand-out in your album.

For the most part, I like to stand back and watch the real moments unfold naturally, but when it makes sense (and won't take away from the emotion) I may step in and make suggestions or move things around in order to create a prettier scene during key moments (ie. asking the bride to have her dress zipped up in-front of a pretty mirror or by a window with soft light).

I tend to choose backgrounds with natural elements, ideally with late afternoon sun streaming through trees, but when I can find a beautiful clean backdrop like a white wall or interesting texture I will usually jump at the oppurtunity. 


I prefer to have had a chance for us to "break the ice" before your actual wedding day, which is why I include a complimentary engagement session in all of my wedding packages.

Before You Book Me


So you've stumbled on me, or maybe you've been following me for a while now, and you're interested in booking me as your wedding photographer? Don't be shy, it's time to get in touch with me and see if I'm available for your date! I promise I'm super nice, and I'm here to answer any questions you have. 

I know that It's important that you know whether or not I'm a good fit for both of you before you commit, so feel free to request a video chat or in-person meeting before you make your final decision (or do everything by email, whatever makes you more comfortable)! I typically meet for consultations at a Starbucks near my home in New Braunfels, Texas.

How To Book


I keep things easy! All that you will need to do to reserve your date is let me know which package you've chosen, and then I'll send you a Paypal invoice to pay the retainer (50%) and a contract to sign! After I have both of those things, I'll email you to confirm your booking and we will schedule your engagement session. 

2-3 weeks before your wedding day, I'll email you again with the invoice for your final balance (the remaining 50%) and a link to a "Pre-Wedding Questionnaire" to fill out. This questionnaire will tell me everything that I need to know to shoot your wedding, including everything from a guided shot-list and timeline, to the specific address(s) for me to meet you on the big day. I send this to you at the end of your planning process, so that all of the information that I'm given is as up-to-date as possible.

The Engagement Session


This is our chance to get to know each other! This session usually takes about an hour, and can be at any Austin-area location of your choice (out-of-town is okay too, but there will just be a small travel fee added).


I'll tell you everything you need to know, and it'll be super laid back. A lot of photographers will say that you might feel awkward for the first 20 minutes, but after that you'll get a feel for what I'm doing and how it's working, and you'll relax. THIS is why we want to do this BEFORE the wedding day! Portrait time on the big day can be short and rushed sometimes, so you wouldn't want that time to be spent warming up. 

A lot of couples like to have two outfits for this session, typically a casual option and a more formal or dressy option, but that is up to you! Many just do the one outfit and that is totally fine. If you do choose to have a wardrobe change, just be mindful of whether or not the location you choose has a place to change.

I usually get engagement sessions edited and delivered (via online gallery) really quickly, usually only about a week. You can expect roughly 100 final images, all edited and pretty and ready to download and print.

The Bridal Session


This is a southern tradition, and really is optional. You may choose to do the bridal session (which is included in 2 of my 3 wedding packages) for one or more of these reasons:

  • ​You want to have lots of photos of you as a bride, but want to save time on the wedding day 

  • You plan to display a bridal portrait at the wedding

  • You have a lot of detail that you want to be sure is captured as thoroughly as possible

  • You just want to dress up and model your beautiful self because it's included in the package (my favorite reason)

This is also a great way to trial your hair/make-up and a bouquet. We can do this at your venue, or another location of your choice (I have suggestions).

The Wedding Day

My second shooter and I will arrive at the address and time that you've provided me on the Pre-Wedding Questionnaire that you were sent 2-3 weeks ago. Most often, I'll check in to let you know I'm there and then get straight to work photographing your bridal details for the first 30 minutes (it's a good idea to have these ready for me, preferably in a box that I can grab and carry to a spot with nice light). Bridal details are things like your shoes, rings, bouquet, earrings, invitation suite, etc. Usually I'll have my second shooter bouncing around making sure nothing important is missed during this time. 

I'll know (from your questionnaire and/or coordinator) what important times I need to have certain things done, and I'll be part of the team keeping you on track. A good timeline is critical for the best possible photography, so I've written up a few examples timelines here to help you out!

For the ceremony, I will keep out of the way as much as possible, only getting up close briefly for specific must-have shots. I'm conscious of your family watching and am careful not to block anyone's view for more than a second.  I assign my second shooter the job of catching every second of the groom's reaction to seeing his bride walking towards him.

After The Big Day

I know it's hard to wait to see your photos, which is why I post a sneak peek of a handful of photos from your day to my Facebook Page (sometimes Instagram, or directly to your email) within 48 hours! This gives you something to hold you over while you wait for the rest of your photos to be edited.  

The full online gallery (roughly 600-800+ images) will be coming to you in no longer than 6-8 weeks. You'll be able to download the entire gallery to your computer, and print from any lab of your choice. Feel free to share photos online, you don't have to tag or credit me, but it's much appreciated if you do!

If your package includes an album, prints, or any other tangible products, you'll be receiving a link to a separate proofing-gallery where you'll be able to click a heart on your favorites. I'll then take those favorites, order your prints/design your album, and you can expect to receive the final product(s) within about 2-4 weeks from that time.

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