how these photos help tell your story, and how to prepare for it

The first thing that I'll do when I arrive on the day of your wedding is ask for your details. It's best to have everything already set aside for me in a box that I can quickly grab and take to a quiet, out-of-the-way, well lit place to style and shoot them. These photos are an essential part of telling your story, as they not only help break up the portraits in an album or gallery to allow them to stand out more, but these are the photos that highlight your vision/theme/color scheme and make the rest of your wedding look cohesive. Not only this, but all of these small details were chosen for a reason, and they deserve to be captured!



Generally speaking, the more details you have the better especially if I'll be designing a printed album for you and will need plenty of detail shots to break up the portraits, but here is a list of things that you might include in your box of details for me to photograph:

  • Your invitation suite. 

This doesn't just mean the invitation you sent out to your guests, but any other paper products that match it like a save-the-date, RSVP card, ​menu, program, envelope and envelope liner if you have one...all of this can be the star of these flat lays and really help to set the tone for your wedding.

  • Your bridal shoes

You probably searched high and low for the perfect shoes to wear with your gown, so let's be sure to highlight them! 

  • Your rings

Your engagement ring and both of your wedding bands will be shot with a macro lens, showing them off and capturing them in detail that you've probably never even been able to see.

  • Any jewelry that you'll be wearing

Literally anything that will be adorning your beautiful self on the wedding day should have it's time to shine!

  • A nice hanger

I'll be hanging your dress, most likely outside, for some detail photos of it before you put it on. You don't want a cheap plastic hanger cluttering up that picture! Even a plain cheap wooden one will look nice, but custom ones are extra cute.

  • Perfume 

Did you buy a special perfume with a bottle that happens to match your color scheme? Let's include it the mix!

  • Your bouquet

This thing cost a lost of money, let's take some extra pictures of that. 

  • Heirlooms

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed... give me all of that, you need photos of that stuff.

  • Loose flowers and greenery

If you really want to kick it up a notch, ask your florist about including some loose blooms and greenery for your photographer (me) to use for these photos. Just be sure that you tell me about them before I leave with your details!

  • Velvet ring box that matches your color scheme

I'm actually collecting these in every color, so there's a chance I might already have one to match your wedding but if you want something specific or want to be sure that the color is right, you can buy your own for me to use!Etsy has fancy ones, The Mrs. Box is pretty but insanely expensive, but Amazon has velvet ring boxes for like $15-$30. It doesn't HAVE to be velvet, but just be sure it's a box that has a completely removable top instead of opening on a hinge.

  • Vow Booklets 

You can also commission​ a calligrapher to hand-letter your vows, and then frame them after the wedding!

  • Silk or Velvet ribbon to match your color scheme 

Again, I might already have some, but you know your vision and if you would like more control over the look of your styled details then you might enjoy picking out some beautiful ribbon to include in your box! :) Etsy is for sure the place to go for this, just search "hand dyed ribbon" and order a yard.

  • Wax seals

Did you have custom wax seals on your invitations? (If you'd never thought of this...SO PRETTY! Get a wax seal kit here). These add elegance, interest, and a personal touch to the envelopes of your invitation suite. You can just have one or two loose in the box for me.


  • Groom details

This is less commonly done, but if your groom has details that you'd like styled as well, feel free to have a box of those waiting for me too! Things like his tie, boutonnière, watch, shoes, etc.are a good start.

  • Anything else that you think will add to your theme

Found a pretty antique tray, or have some cool stamps that match the vibe of your wedding? Toss it in the box! You can also google "Wedding flat lay" and get ideas for anything else that you might want to collect and add to your detail box. 

If you don't want to bother with all of that (and you certainly don't need to have ALL of it!) the basics that will still make some nice flat lays are an invitation, your jewelry and rings, shoes, and bouquet. I can get a good set from just those!


Photographing your details is one of my favorite parts of the day because of how dramatically it enhances your final gallery, elevates your wedding, and showcases your color scheme...but it can't happen without a good timeline that allows for it! Read about creating a perfect wedding day timeline here: