Frequently asked questions

How much is the retainer to book?

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit and signed contract reserves your date, with the remainder due 1 week before your wedding. All payments are taken through Paypal invoices, which you can pay with your own Paypal account or any card.

How much is the travel fee?

For weddings, travel is free to any location in Texas! For photoshoots (including engagement sessions) the travel fee is 54¢/round-trip-mile, but only if I'll be traveling more than an hour from my home in New Braunfels, Texas.

Are the number of photos limited?

NOPE! There's no image limit, and every wedding is different, but I typically deliver anywhere from 70-90 final images per hour that I'm booked for.

How are the photos delivered to us?

You'll get your photos digitally delivered to you in a nice, organized online gallery (hosted by Pixieset) where you can easily download the entire thing to your computer, create a list of your favorites to share with me so that I can design your album, and share it with your friends/family. If you're package includes a custom printed album, you'll receive that in the mail after I've designed and ordered it! :)

How fast do we get the photos?

For weddings, my contract says 6-8 weeks but it's usually much sooner. For all photoshoots, I edit them the following Tuesday and deliver them either that night or the next morning.

What if we needed to reschedule our wedding because of Covid-19?

Don't worry, you wouldn't lose your money! With the current Pandemic, it's definitely understandable to be concerned about the possibilty of being forced to reschedule. I allow switching your date for ANY reason up to two times before charging any kind of rescheduling fee. I just ask that in good faith you only reserve one of my dates with every intention of keeping that date, as I'll typically turn down multiple couples for the same date after it's been reserved.

Do we really need the second shooter?

More than anything, the second shooter is SECURITY. If I were to get sick or have an emergency on the day of your wedding, you know you'll be covered with a trustworthy back-up photographer already in place and ready to take some beautiful photos (which I would still edit to match my style). For that reason, especially now with the Pandemic now allowing me to shoot a wedding with any kind fo cold symptoms, I'm only booking weddings with a second shooter included.

Do we need to meet with you before booking?

No, most of my clients do everything over email, but if you'd like to get to know me a little more first or are more of a face-to-face person feel free to let me know and we can schedule a phone call/video chat or even meet up at a coffee shop if you live close to me.

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