My Style

My work is a blend of fine art posed portraiture, "un-posed" lifestyle, and candid documentary. I love using detail shots to help create a color-story that pulls your vision together, using posing and directing techniques that help you to loosen up and be yourselves, and knowing when to sink into the shadows and capture things authentically whenever it's most needed.

i. my approach

I care a whole lot about helping to bring out all of your personality in your photos, and getting as wide of a variety of photos as I possibly can to showcase every bit of your relationship and style. From the tiny details, to the romantic posed portraits and the unposed in-betweens, to the cute and/or hilarious candids, I aim to get a balanced mix of it all.

On the wedding day, I have my timeline in hand and help to keep things running on time. I'm someone to keep the energy light, and the bridal party entertained, and when it's portrait time I squeeze a lot of portraits out of the time I'm given and then let you enjoy your day while I sink into the shadows to document it all unobtrusively. 


ii. detail work

I start every wedding day with flat lays; a set of photos where I take all of your small details like your invitation suite, rings and accessories, heirlooms, etc. and style them on a flat surface or one of my styling mats. These detail shots set the tone for your wedding, help break up your portraits so that they display beautifully in an album, and elevate everything in a more editorial way! It's also just a great way to photograph your smaller things that might get lost in the portraits otherwise.


iii. posing direction

I have a ton of tricks for directing and creating real moments that let me snap natural photos of genuine laughter and unforced smiles. About half of my posing is carefully composed, focusing on flattering angles, telling you exactly what to do with your hands and adjusting the tiniest things to make you look like a model, and the rest is working with you to create movement and moments that show off the real you. You don't have to think about it, just show up and follow my directions and you'll be surprised by how not-awkward, totally amazing, and absolutely stunning you look in the final photos (no matter how un-photogenic you claim to be...yeah, I hear that a lot and I always prove them wrong!).


iv. editing style

Bright, but not TOO bright. Generally speaking photographers fall into 2 categories: Light and Airy or Dark and Moody. Technically I'm in the former of the two, but light doesn't have to mean washed-out! I like a little more contrast to deepen things up a bit, and for my skin tones to be bright and luminous while maintaining richness and depth.


I love vibrant color, but still natural enough so that 30 years from now you aren't having to try and explain to anyone what the colors you chose for your flowers and bridesmaids dresses REALLY looked like.