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For those who dream of an elegant wedding day filled with light, love, and laughter.

I'm all about immortalizing your wedding as elevated, cover-worthy fine art photographs while balancing your ability to live in the moment and truly appreciate the day you've been dreaming of.


Your Story Told
and your vision brought to life

I value creating an atmosphere of fun, excitement and intentionality while I work my magic to build a story of images that artfully bring your vision to life. You deserve a collection of beautiful photographs that you'll truly cherish and be proud to show off for decades to come, and my soft, true-to-life style is perfect for capturing every detail in a way that will elevate your wedding and stand the test of time.


How About a Little ExtraDreaminess

Felt drawn to my style, but couldn't put your finger on what it is that you love? Maybe it's that soft, natural color palette that I stick to in my editing, or maybe it's my preference for shooting on low apertures for that extra blurred, dreamy background. I personally love this dreamier, smooth look that not only creates an ethereal feel and helps the subject of the photo stand out, but is also extremely flattering for everyone. The smoothness from the lenses and camera settings that I gravitate to, combined with my bright and soft editing preferences really makes for some beautiful, flattering portraits and luminous, fresh skin.

Obsessed with Flowers, Garden Vibes, Delicate Details
and Just Anything PRETTY? Me too!

Our sense of style obviously doesn't have to be the same for me to capture your own uniqueness, but if we happen to share a love for these things...bonus points.





That's me! A 31 year old wife, mom of 2, and full-time photographer since 2014.

My general vibe is a mix of calming and fun, with a side order of  "did she drink too much coffee today?" (for the record: yes) and you'll really see me at my peak (peak caffeine levels, that is) when I'm behind the camera enjoying my job, and I promise it translates to some beautiful photos and some genuine candids of you both laughing at whatever joke just fell out of my mouth.


I'm really passionate about doing a great job and finding new ways to capture my clients and make something beautiful. 

Want to pair up and make some magic?

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"I met Harper as a colleague working as a wedding planner, and familiarity with her work and style during shoots made it an easy choice to hire her to shoot our maternity photos! Her posing expertise and playful personality make the shoot relaxing and fun, especially for clients like me who aren't super comfortable in front of the camera. I can 100% recommend Harper from both a wedding vendor AND a client perspective!"

- Lauren



Let's Get Started!

Whether you're ready to sign the contract, want to set up a virtual meeting, or just have questions for now, reach out and I'll be in touch (by email) within 24 hours!)

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