Meggaen + Chris

Bob Wentz Park in Austin, Texas

Meggaen and Chris decided to cancel their plans for a full wedding and opt for an elopement in Austin, instead, and a week after first contacting me we were meeting at Bob Wentz Park, a beautiful lake park in the hill country with rolling hills and sail boats (which was my favorite part). They had planned to elope by the lake, but on the day of we realized it was so windy it might cause problems with the Zoom call that their family would be tuning in to, so we were looking for another option when we came across the coolest pavilion that happened to be unlocked. 

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Hi! I'm Harper, lead photographer/owner. I'm a resident of New Braunfels, wife and mom, and as I type this I'm drinking coffee that's so hot I won't be able to taste anything for the next 2 days.