posing: My approach

how I get natural looking candids and portraits

I approach every wedding and photoshoot with one main goal: to get as much variety and detail as I possibly can.


I aim for a mix of both carefully posed portraits, and "un-posed" portraits which use prompts to create moments and natural movement that I can then capture, and I'm fast and efficient at squeezing a lot of good shots out of a small amount of time. Posing is of one of my biggest strengths, and I can confidently say that I can make you look natural, happy, and the best version of yourself with my posing style. 



I like the term "unposed" instead of "candid" because "candid" doesn't quite explain what I do. If somebody told me that they specialize in candid photography, I would assume they would be sending me into a field and telling me "okay, go be cute." But luckily, if you're someone like me who is awkward as hell in front of a camera, I won't be expecting you to magically start making photo-worthy moments happen on demand. Instead, I use some of these techniques to create beautiful moments:

Making you laugh.

Honestly this is the easiest thing to get adorable photos that really capture your personalities...but don't worry, I won't be busting out dad jokes *much* or dancing like an idiot. Really I just enjoy hanging out, getting to know each other, and funny things pop into my head while I'm working so it's easy to use them to my advantage, I also have a lot of experience with what things might make people laugh at each other. It's a skill I didn't know I could build, but here I am, a master manipulator, yikes.

Capturing the In-Betweens. 

A lot of the time, the best photos come from the moment immediately before or after a "pose." I might tell you to kiss and then say something funny just to grab that moment of ya'll cracking up an inch away from each other's faces. See? Magic.

Avoiding Stagnancy. 

What happens when you have too much time to over analyze yourself when you're posing? You end up looking stiff and awkward. By keeping things moving, switching up the pose constantly, and making adjustments quickly, I don't give you a chance to stiffen up and the images come out more flattering and natural. 

Attention to Detail. 

So we've been over how I get you to laugh, move, not be stiff, but there's an important step that separates these photos from the awkward candids you got tagged in on Facebook in high school: I am paying attention to every inch of both of you and constantly making small adjustments to make your "candids" flattering and composed. For example, I'll ask you to hold hands and start walking toward me. That alone would be cheesy and boring, so instead after you start walking I'll shout out adjustments like "he's looking at you and you're looking at me, shoulder's back a little, walk like you're on a tight rope, look down to your left while he looks at me" etc. etc. This gets me a lot of great photos in a short time, and looks way more natural than just walking and staring down my lens. If anything funny pops in my head while we're at it, boom, now I have laughing photos to add to the mix.

Literally Arranging Your Body Parts for You, I'm sorry.

Yeah okay so every photo in your gallery won't be candid-ish. There will also be a good percentage of posed portraits and it's possible that at some point I'll try to explain the vision in my head but won't be able to get it across and will end up all up in your grill physically moving you to where things need to be to make the vision in my head happen. It'll be worth it though!