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Mariah and Ely were originally supposed to have a big wedding in March, 2020, but we all know what happened that month. Instead they opted to get married privately on their original date and then get dressed up and have a photoshoot with me a few months later! They booked the lovely Le San Michele, a venue that had been on my bucket list for a while, and we met up on October 25th, along with their families, for a 3 hour wedding photoshoot.

Because Ely had never gotten to see Mariah in her gown, we had a first-look to start the day and it was maybe the most emotional one I've ever shot. I could really tell how important finally getting that moment was for them, especially after having to postpone back in the spring. We were all just so happy to finally be having this moment.

Mariah said that one of her favorite things about my work is my detail shots/flat lays, so she brought me all of her bridal details (including a beautiful invitation that she made herself!) to style and photograph, which just made me so happy because detail shots are also one of my favorite things to shoot.

After spending about an hour or so on just the two of them while my second shooter did mini sessions with the individual families who came out to join them, we all came together in front of the main house for group photos with the bride and groom. Overall it was such a wonderful, simple, romantic day, and I'm so lucky to have amazing client's like these two beautiful people.

Keep scrolling for some of my favorite photos from this wedding photoshoot!

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