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Hello and welcome to my website! If you come back later, it might have changed. That's because somebody somewhere thought it was a good idea for me to have the power to make a website look however I want it to, and it's just too much fun to play with it.

If you look to your right (or above, if you're on mobile) you'll see my shockingly pale face. I'm Harper, a full-time photographer and wedding specialist living in New Braunfels, Texas, with my husband and our two kids. My husband is my soulmate and I'm obsessed with him, and my kids are okay.

When I'm not working, I'm a couch potato and I love to be home with my family, but nothing makes me happier than getting out with all 4 of us and doing absolutely anything together that consitutes quality-time. I love playing the baritone ukulele, cooking, eating pasta, rum and rum-based tiki drinks, ping pong, and living in my pajamas. 



I opened for business in late 2014 as a family photographer under the name Harper Jones Photography (I mention this because you might still see this name pop up here and there, like in my Paypal account or random places on the internet), and have since captured over 100 weddings all over Texas.

In 2017 I married my husband Curtis, and my business name changed to Harper Blankenship Photography. My daughter, Teagan, has been along for the ride with me from the beginning, and after I met my now-husband Curtis we added a little dude named Jacob to the mix. Jacob actually had the privilage of assisting me with 19 weddings in 2016, though I will say that he was a fetus at the time and was definitely not very helpful.  

favorite THINGS

galveston, texas

christmas season

peacock blue

tiki drinks

road trips

floral prints


baritone ukulele

fun facts

I'm 28


my thumbs are double jointed

I have a phobia of flying

I'm terrified of lightning

I was a drummer in highschool

I still have a baby tooth

I grew up in Cedar Park, TX

I met my husband on a dating app


better oblivion community center


conor oberst

phoebe bridgers

first aid kit

the weepies

missy higgins

tegan and sara

rocky votolato


Any photographer can show up with their camera and document a wedding, but it takes so much more than most even realize to create galleries of consistent, high-end, stylish photos, and I've fine-tuned my process over the last 6 years of shooting over 100 weddings. I know exactly what things can go wrong, how to avoid those things, how to set you up for the best possible experience and ultimately the most beautiful images.


It's so much less than knowing how to use a camera and edit photos, and SO MUCH to do with knowing how to create the right situations for beautiful photos to be possible. I can help you create a perfect timeline, have you fill out my detailed questionnaire that helps me understand your vision, and I'll be running the show on your wedding day making sure that every decision produces amazing photos with no stress on your part.


The portraits may seem like the most important thing, but the details, styling and color-story that I create support your portraits and really make them shine as a cohesive, artistic collection. 


It takes some time to carefully edit the hundreds of images that will make up your complete gallery, but that doesn't mean I can't give you a few to share while you wait! Every couple receives a Sneak Peek gallery of about 30 photos from the wedding the NEXT DAY!

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About Karina

This is Karina! She started as my client, then I sort of became her mentor for a while, and now she's my BFF and go-to second shooter. She is incredibly talented, and the #1 person that I trust to deliver consistent images and an amazing client experience every time. She is most often my second shooter on a wedding day (not always, but when she's available she's the first I ask!) and we can work a wedding like a well oiled machine!

If I'm not available for your wedding date, I offer the option of having Karina shoot in my place. I then edit the photos, and because she's worked with me so much and knows exactly how I like to shoot things, the photos come out no differently than my own portfolio. 


what my clients say



This review is long over due! Harper was my wedding photographer almost 6 months ago and she exceeded all of my expectations. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet with her before the big day, but you would never have known because she made everyone (especially my husband and I) feel so comfortable. She somehow got all of those special little shots that I asked for and so many more! I have been in quite a few weddings as a bridesmaid, and have seen first hand how photographers conduct the group and couple. That being said, Harper is without a doubt the most organized and natural at posing people!! It was very important to me that my photos be pieces of art rather than just a bunch of posed shots and that is exactly what she delivered (and at a very reasonable price!) I can’t say enough great things about her work!


Hi! I'm Harper, lead photographer/owner. I'm a resident of New Braunfels, wife and mom, and as I type this I'm drinking coffee that's so hot I won't be able to taste anything for the next 2 days.