hi, i'm harper!


I shot my first wedding in 2015 (I was only doing family photography before that point) and have specialized in wedding photography ever since. Weddings are my main focus for a few reasons, but mainly it's because they combine art and creative freedom, a challenge, a feeling of being a part of something historical and important, and the kind of excitement (and anxiety lol) I can get from knowing I only have one chance to get it right. In a nutshell: it's really fun, and my enthusiasm for what I do helps me hype up my clients and capture real laughter and joy. 


I love to help people, teach, guide, and connect with new friends, and when I'm working with my clients I feel at home and inspired. Photography is still my most-loved hobby as much as it's my full-time career, and I love being able to create something that will impact my clients for the rest of their lives, their children's lives, and beyond.

I've photographed over 170 weddings since going into business, and I love the process of working with a couple throughout their season of engagement, planning, wedding, album design, and often years following as they start their families and come back to me for their first family portraits. 

I'm goofy (according to more than one source), I love to laugh, and even though I'm an introvert and would rather spend my days-off at home I somehow thrive in social situations and will strike up a conversation with anyone that I pass.


My work has been featured on The Knot, Austin Wedding Guide, Brides of Houston, New Braunfels Wedding Guide, Voyage Dallas, and The Bump to name a few. I'm a preferred vendor of Posey Meadows, Stonehouse Villa, and Texas Old Town.

Enneagram 2w1

Lover of easy conversation, all things cottage core, garden vibes, and finding ways to relax.

Quick Facts:

I'm 30, born in Austin on St. Patricks Day in 1992

I am married to the love of my life and we have two kids, Teagan age 9, and Jacob age 5

I'm obsessed with Christmas

I haven't flown on a plane in over 7 years and am so terrified of ever flying again that I'm forced to limit my business to only Texas (or anywhere that I can reasonably drive to)

I've been playing the Baritone ukulele for a few years now, was a drummer in high school, and I've been known to perform some damn-near masterpieces on the kazoo after a few shots of rum