Stacy & Cody

Texas Old Town (Stone Hall) in Kyle, Texas

Stacy and Cody were married in a beautiful, simple and elegant navy blue wedding Texas Old Town (Stone Hall) on October 24th, 2020. They are the sweetest, playful couple, and had some of the cutest tear-jerking moments; from their emotional "first-touch" where they exchanged notes around a corner and read them quietly to themselves, laughing because they realized they had wrote almost the same things to each other, to Stacy's first-look with her dad that had everyone crying.

Getting married at Texas Old Town and need a photographer? I'm on their preferred vendors list and have shot there at least 20 times! Stone Hall is my favorite, but I've shot at all 4 halls. Click here to shoot me a message and see if I'm available for you date.

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