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A laid-back Enneagram 2, with love of laughter and all of the pretty things.


Based in San Antonio, available anywhere in Texas



My favorite photos of my husband and I aren't always the ones with the best lighting, editing, or perfect pose. Most of the time, the photos that we've collected over the years that we love more and more over time are the ones where we're laughing at a joke the other made, or I was doing something stupid and he was caught in a moment glancing at me in that way that makes me feel so loved. What makes us really cherish an image are the memories attached to the moments that were captured. We love the little glimpses of the parts of each other that we're so in love with. 

Whether it's a wedding, a family of 10, or new parents at home for the first month with their little one, I believe in creating an environment that allows me to capture images that mean more to you than just pretty photos.

About Me

For lack of a better word: I am a goof. I cannot go more than 2 minutes without finding something to laugh about. I actually love small talk (I heard somewhere that it's the building-blocks to "big talk" lol), and my chattiness seems to help me put my clients at ease and acting naturally so that I don't have to force it out of them for the camera.

I'm 30 years old, born and raised in the Austin area, and now I live in San Antonio with my husband and two kids. I'm a cat person, a coffee addict, and I would fill my house with hundreds of plants if only I were consistent enough at watering them to keep them all alive.