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"The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will."

- Chuck Palahniuk



A fine art blend of classic portraiture & documentary photography.


As someone like you who's found my soulmate, and has accumulated photos of the two of us over the years that are our absolute favorites, what I've learned is that my favorite photos usually have one thing in common: They show us being us; Joyful, connected, loving each other through our flaws and imperfections and seeing the beauty in each other. 


Your wedding photography could simply be classic portraits, smiling and posing perfectly, and be just fine. But which photos do I notice my clients falling the most in love with, over and over?


The ones that aren't perfect.


The photo where someone did something funny while we were working and everyone busted out in real, honest laughter.


The one where I was setting up a pose and caught the groom admiring his bride when she wasn't looking.


All of those tiny moments that years of experience has trained me to anticipate and catch, sometimes without you realizing it happened.


These are the photos that turn into those extra special captures you'll treasure decades into the future, and for that reason my entire approach to photography is focused on not only creating classic, flattering posed photos where you feel confident and put together, but creating an atmosphere that allows for the photos that go beyond the perfect poses and being ready to capture them.

As a Fine Art Photographer, my job is to document your wedding in a way that is both

meaningful & aesthetic.




Fine Art Photography is a style/approach that emphasizes creating a cohesive, elevated collection of photos that are intended to be displayed as decor and/or in a printed album as an asthetic work of storytelling art.

It means that when I walk into your wedding day, I'll be:


Intentionally selecting backdrops, working with color and lighting, and styling details in a way that aims to create a cohesive look and color story.


Choosing lenses and camera settings that create a distinctive and artful look, working with textures and color that feel magical but also true-to-life and flattering for everyone (because you don't just want the photos to be pretty, you obviously want to look pretty in them, too!)


Guiding you, your friends, and loved ones whenever needed throughout the day to ensure I'm capturing real moments in photogenic ways. This is really one of the key characteristics of the Fine Art approach: As opposed to a fully documentary-style photographer who would have more of an emphasis on not intervening in any way, a fine art photographer (like me) will gently lead you through your day to create visually appealing scenes while posing and directing you for classic portraits and heart-stopping candids.


However, because I also place a lot of importance on allowing important moments to unfold as naturally as possible to avoid overly orchestrating everything, I consider my style a fine art and documentary blend.

Why invest in fine art photography?

For something as significant as your wedding day, you'll never regret investing in photos that don't just document one of the most exciting and important days of your life, but that you'll also be excited to display on your walls as part of your home decor, or printed in an heirloom album that you'll feel drawn to flip through again and again not only for the memories but also because it was just so beautiful! With so much planning and the attention to detail you've put into every detail of your day, there's no better time to splurge for images of everything you've poured your heart into that will truly pull it all together stylistically and artfully. If you're going to put so much work into making it look amazing, I can say with certainty that after it's all over you'll love images that truly captured your vision.

"It could be the AMAZING photos she takes (obviously), her light, colorful and happy photography style (romantic- check, majestic- check) or her goofy and warm personality (patiently waiting for her Netflix standup special). Whatever caught your eye; you WILL NOT be disappointed. Harper was/is the best decision I made for my wedding."

- Tiffany (2022 bride)


I'm a wife, mom of 2, and full-time photographer documenting weddings, couples, and families all over Texas since 2014

I'm Harper, a 30 something year old with a love for the quiet life, living in New Braunfels, TX with my husband and our two kiddos. My husband and I are generally homebodies, we both love to be cozy in our familiar settings enjoying our quiet time together. On weekends you might find us playing a game of darts in the garage with a couple of White Claws, relentlessly teasing each other after every turn.

My goals in life are always peace and balance. I love my family and the simple things; having a hot cup of coffee in the morning while I plan my day and listen to music, or watching my kids play at the park.

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