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- Chuck Palahniuk

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"The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will."

I'm Harper!


I'm 31, a wife and mom of 2 (ages 10 and 6), and full-time photographer with a primary focus in wedding and engagement photography since establishing my business back in 2014.

I'm a goof, I'm chatty, I love to laugh, and I bring all of that into my work and the way that I interact with you to dig into the real stuff that deserves to be captured.


I'll work with you both to create artistic images that set a distinct vibe, pull you through a range of emotions, and are sure to capture not only your most photogenic side but also your uniqueness and pure, authentic joy. No worries if you don't know a thing about posing, I'll do all of the directing!


I love photography as an artform for how important it is; not only for yourselves, but also for the people who love you now and in the future, and can't wait to share it with you!

+ I love flowers and dabble in floral design whenever I can. The majority of my closet was floral prints at one point, until I realized it and made a conscious effort to add in some more solid colors so that I would maybe look less like an old lady's couch (at least sometimes).

+ I'm a total homebody! I love living in a relatively small space that I can easily decorate to feel cozy and eclectic. Each day I wake up, do a quick little reset to make the place clean again (just enough to not want to scream anymore) before I turn on some soft jazz, light my candles, and brew my coffee. My kids have gotten accustomed to my routine and will even ask for it if I haven't done it all yet. We all love to feel peaceful and in our happy place!

+ I love the holidays, maybe even a little too much. I always start dreaming (obsessing) about fall, pumpkins, christmas lights, holiday music, and thanksgiving food sometime during the hottest part of summer (hell) when I almost can't take it anymore. On that note: I hate summer, we should all petition to cancel that.

+ I'm an enneargram 2w1, which mostly means I'll cry if you're mean to me.

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