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Hi, I'm Harper!


That's me! I've been a full-time freelance photographer since 2014. I love seeking out great candid moments of happy tears and infectious laughter, fashion, flowers, and pretty things, and for me a wedding is the ultimate opportunity to get a little of all of it in one place. Working with fun, in-love and happy people is infectious and I always find myself feeling like I'm part of the party. Combined that with my (ridiculous) personality and tendency to be the class clown, and it tends to create a relaxed, fun, happy atmosphere that helps me capture joyful photographs of you at your best, most authentic selves.


I have two kids (so far): Teagan, who's 11 and super artsy and confident, and Jacob, who's 7; the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. This photo is very outdated and we really need to take new ones but (fun fact) I don't enjoy being in front of the camera much less figuring out what everyone should wear lol.

"The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will."

- Chuck Palahniuk

I've been married to this amazing human, Curtis, since 2017 (when our surprise little boy was 9 months old). He is the best step dad to our daughter, Teagan (we met when she was 2 years old), and we pretty much knew we were going to get married from the very first date. I had just started my business when I met Curtis, and I always think it's cool that my business is as old as our relationship. 

Our relationship is inspiring to me and I love seeing glimpses of a similar love that we have for eachother in the couples that I work with. 



+ I'm located in New Braunfels, but am available for weddings and photoshoots anywhere in Texas! I consider the greater Austin-San Antonio areas my "in-town" and do not charge any travel fees within that general area.  I absolutely despise flying, which is why I don't venture outside of the state for work.

+ While I am the lead photographer and owner, you'll have two photographers for your wedding (me and an assistant that I'll subcontract). I consider it a must-have to have a second photographer packed, batteries charged, timeline/shot-list in hand ready to take over incase of anything unforeseen because weddings aren't something that can be rescheduled or even delayed if your photographer is sick or stuck in traffic!

+ Personality match is important! I'll be with you for most of your day, and having a photographer who specializes in the kind of vibe that works with your personalities is essential. Personally, I'm typically very much on the goofier, upbeat, keeping things light and fun side of the spectrum, rather than the majority of my images being a serious/editorial/vogue kind of vibe. If your hope for your wedding day is to have fun, and have photos that reflect that joy and light-heartnedness, I should be a great match for you!




I approach every wedding with the intention of telling the story of the day through beautifully styled details, elevated portraits, and lots and lots of genuine candids. When choosing a photographer, some may shoot with the priority of having as much control as possible with a lot of focus on perfect portraits and staging. Others may take a fully documentary approach with very little intervention. I like to say that I'm right in the perfect sweet spot of candid and posed. I will be carefully guiding you throughout your day to create photogenic scenes where real experiences can unfold as naturally as possible, keeping my camera ready and intentionally seeking out the natural laughs and tears happening around me. I'll also be directing you for both posed and candid portraits so that you walk away with the portraits of your dreams, with enough efficiency to help us stay on schedule.


My preferred medium is digital, with tones that imulate classic film photography. My images are vibrant, light but not too light, and feel natural and timeless with a characteristic tendency to throw my backgrounds very out of focus for a whimsical feel that I just think is so beautiful. I love a shallow depth of field, bright and creamy skin-tones, and an overall "fresh" look. I value pretty textures, colors, and the emotion captured over technical perfection or strictly doing things by-the-book. I strongly believe the saying that when it comes to art, rules are meant to be broken. If you also care more about the way an image makes you feel over whether or not you can zoom in and count every pore in perfect detail, then we are one in the same!

As a Fine Art Photographer, my job is to document your wedding in a way that is both

meaningful & aesthetic.

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