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Harper Blankenship is a Fine Art Texas Wedding Photographer Blending classic portraiture with the timelessness of documentary-style storytelling since 2014.


Hi, I'm Harper! I'm a fine art wedding and portrait photographer located in New Braunfels, Texas (between Austin and San Antonio), and I've been working with couples and families full-time all over Texas since 2014. 


My style is detail-oriented, dreamy and a little artsy, but still timeless. My aim is to tell a story that captures the essence of who you are in this moment in time, from quirky little gestures to gummy smiles, and even those perfect imperfections.


I'm the perfect style match for anyone looking for luminous, natural photographs with a balanced blend of classic posed portraits, candids that capture your authentic selves, and an artistic attention to detail. I'm a perfect personality match for anyone who meshes best with someone who isn't too serious or by-the-book! I love to laugh, roll with the punches, and embrace the uniqueness of every situation as a story to tell in a meaningful way.


Read more about me here!

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