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Harper Blankenship is a Fine Art Central Texas Wedding Photographer, established in 2014, blending classic portraiture with captivating documentary-style images.


What Clients Say

"Her ability to make even the most awkward couple (my husband and I) look photogenic is truly a testament to her knowledge and talent. The way Harper captures all the love you’re feeling and none of the awkwardness is just- *chef’s kiss*. There are no cringy prom poses, no weird acrobatic tricks to get gorgeous photos. She has simply mastered her art."
- Tiffany & Mitchell
About thePhotographer

Hey there, I'm Harper! I want your photos to tell a story; capturing the essence of who you are in this moment in time. From quirky little gestures to gummy smiles, and even those perfect imperfections, I'll make sure every bit of your uniqueness is immortalized for you and your loved ones to cherish.

Let's connect, have some fun, and create the most enchanting memories you'll cherish forever! Can't wait to be a part of your celebration and capture all those heart-skipping moments!


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I'm located in New Braunfels, and available anywhere in Texas.

Let's Work Together!

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